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We Offer “Done-for-You” Premium Domains & Websites Ready to Go.

Building a cannabis business is a great deal of work. We take some of that burden off of you by offering “Done-for-You” Premium Domains & Websites that are ready to go now, or at the very least, in a matter of days, rather than in weeks or even months. You don’t have to change the name of your company to have a premium marketing website that is keyword-friendly and easily brand able and memorable.

Each Premium Property Includes:

  • Premium Domain Name
  • Annual Premium Web Hosting
  • Simple Text-Based Web Logo
  • Done-for-You Website Design
  • Optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Up to 5 Hours of Content Changes & Ad Copy
  • 10 POP3/IMAP Email Addresses
  • HTML Email Signature Design
  • Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses
  • Account Setup with 3rd Party Email Newsletter Service
  • Ongoing maintenance of all web-based software.

Your Web Presence Also Includes:

  • Contact Form Configuration
  • Secure SSL Key
  • SEO Software Configuration
  • Integrate XML to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Automatic Weekly Backups to DropBox
  • Anti-Malware Software Configuration
  • Anti-Spam Software Configuration
  • Social Open-Graph Configuration
  • Basic Privacy Policy and TOS pages.
  • A simple and completely transparent agreement.


Order Premium Service and we will create a social page on Facebook, Twitter and one other social site of your choice absolutely free! $500 Value!

Premium Domain Names

  • OKCannabisCPA.com – Featured
  • OKCannabisHealth.com
  • RecommendOK.com
  • OKRecommend.com
  • OklaMMJ.com
  • OKMMJDoctor.com
  • OklahomaCannabisCPA.com
  • TulsaCannabisCPA.com
  • TulsaCannabisLawyer.com
  • OKCCannabisCPA.com
  • OKCCannabisLawyer.com
  • OKCCannabisAttorney.com
  • OKCannabisRealEstate.com – Reserved!
  • ARCannabisHealth.com
  • ARCannabisCPA.com
  • ArkansasCannabisCPA.com
  • ARMedicalMJ.com
  • ARMedicalTHC.com
  • ARMMJDoctor.com
  • CannabisIndustryCPA.com
  • CBDFamilyDispensary.com
  • CBDFamilyCare.com
  • CBDDispensaryDirect.com
  • We will help you find a domain at no charge.

How it Works


For the Premium Domains listed above, Xeal Publishing LLC. retains registration ownership. The domain is simply leased to you at an annual rate that includes the above services. You receive first right-of-refusal to purchase the domain after the first year. The purchase rate is equal to your initial annual rate and includes 12 more months of service. If you cancel service after your first year or fail to renew, Xeal Publishing LLC. will retain ownership & registration.

If you provide your own domain name, then your organization retains ownership of your domain accordingly. We are committed to being completely transparent so that you and your investors know exactly what to expect from Xeal Publishing LLC. at all times.

Customers are encouraged to give input as to the initial content and ad copy we provide for the website. The simple text-based web logo we provide is simple. We are happy to refer you to 3rd-party resources if you’re interested in a more complicated logo or print-quality design. We will provide you with specifications and advice for the best presentation of your logo on the web and social media at no extra charge.

Other Web-Based Digital Marketing & Technology Services Available

 The following are optional ancillary services available at an additional charge.

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Member’s Only Content Management System
  • Learning Management System with Online Testing and Certifications
  • eCommerce Online Shopping Cart System with Shipping Notification
  • Reputation Management Automation for 5-Star Reviews
  • Online Email Marketing Funnel Automation
  • “Free WiFi” Marketing Automation with WiFi Social Login
  • Website to Native Android and iPhone App Conversion
  • Point-of-Sale Software Marketing Integration & Automation

We Want to Grow with You!

With over 20 years experience as a skilled digital marketing agency, we not only know “the how,” but we know “the why.” This makes all the difference.

Content Management

Content is King, Queen and everything in between. We provide the strategy you need to promote your business without relying solely on advertising.

Data Management

Software Security, Backups, and Data Security Protocols are Essential while working in the Cannabis Industry.

Tools and Techniques

Whether you have a retail location or an all digital experience. We have the tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Who Will You Be Working with?


Branding, Marketing Strategy, and Technology by Tony Darrick Baker


Over the last 20+ years, Tony Darrick Baker has served thousands of individuals, in all walks of life, as a mentor, speaker, publisher, ad copywriter, publicist, project manager, and entrepreneur.  

Baker’s accomplishments include:

~ Co-Founder of #illegallyhealed with over 400,000 followers on Facebook, millions of weekly reach. Baker provides the marketing and technical service behind the IllegallyHealed.com website. The mission of IllegallyHealed.com is to help spread the message about how medical cannabis helps real people of all ages manage and heal their lives through the appropriate use of medical marijuana, often when addictive prescription drugs have already proven to have failed them.

~ Baker coined the term Illegally Healed after listening in on a conference call about patients who had no choice but to turn to Cannabis in order to find relief and healing of their burdensome diseases. The marketing angle Baker developed was to always lead with the hashtag so that #illegallyhealed could go viral regardless of social platform.

~ Baker served as the Vice President of Marketing for PhoneDoctors.com and managed a team to build a website with a zero dollar advertising budget to create over $100,000 a month in online sales with nothing but creative marketing techniques, influencer marketing strategies, YouTube training tutorials, press releases, VIP trainings, memberships, wholesale offers, and more.

~ Baker provided the project management and marketing techniques to help build an e-commerce site from $0 to over $1 million in sales within 9 months.

~ As a publicity expert, Baker recognized an opportunity to nominate Alexander Iser, the CEO of Phone Doctors to be the 2015 Tulsa Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, championed the movement, and this opportunity was successfully achieved.

~ Baker has worked for over 2 decades to create and manage multi-million dollar streams of web-based income for his clients through eCommerce and online publicity. Specialized marketing channels include SEO, Email Marketing, PPC advertising, Yelp, Google Business, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

~ Baker created online publicity strategies that have landed clients in major newspapers, magazines and TV shows such as, The Wall Street Journal, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and many other niche magazines, both online and in print.

~ Baker Hosted “Results Radio Show” and produced over 150 one-hour broadcast and podcast radio shows weekly over 3 years. During this time, Tony Darrick Baker interviewed marketing experts around the world, including: Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Alex Mandossian, Lorri Morgan Ferro, James Roche, Lynn Rose, Van Crouch, Dan Roam, Derek Gehl, Jim Stovall, David Meerman Scott, and a variety of other top authors, speakers and thought leaders.

Specialties: Brand Development, Project Management, eCommerce, Online Publicity, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Ad Copywriting, Web Site Design, Web Usability, Radio, and Local Search Marketing.

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